Pillow dog bed tutorial

This bed is so simple to make. It took about an hour from start to finish and you can use the same method to make cushions for your sofa, floor cushion or pillows for your bed.


Measure your pillow insert, mine was 25 x 25 inches, you need a length of fabric enough for:

  • The front (25 in)
  • The back (25 in)
  • The envelope section which holds and conceals the insert, this needs to be approximately 2/5 or 1/3 the length of you insert (10 in)
  • An inch for the seam allowances on every side.

So in my case the size my fabric needed to be was 27 x 62 inches. Once you have your measurements you can cut out your fabric.

Fold over the edge of your fabric half an inch in and iron it in, do this on all sides.
Fold the edges over half an inch again and iron in place all the way around like in the picture below.

It should look like this when you have done.


Sew around the entire edge of the fabric a couple of millimetres onto the hem like in the picture below.


Fold the hemmed fabric with the right sides together to the measurement of the width of your insert, mine was 25 inches.

Then fold the other end of the fabric inward to create a square, this part will become the envelope. It should look like the picture below with the right sides facing inward.


Sew all the way down the open sides (the other two are folded) opposite each other. Sew just alongside the hem rather than on the hem as before so you are only sewing through 2/3 layers. When you have finished sewing the sides of your cover should look like this……

Your cushion cover is inside out so turn it around, the opening will look like a regular pillow case with a folded edge and a hemmed edge. Now put your insert in and admire!

There are lots of other ways of making cushion covers and pillows like this but to prevent fraying of the inside seams I like my way. I find it necessary for the items that need to be really durable, like a dog bed that needs to be constantly washed.

I’d love to see anything you make! Thank you for reading!

Jo xx


2 thoughts on “Pillow dog bed tutorial

  1. oh wow! I’ve got mom’s old sewing machine, but don’t actually sew myself. But you’ve made it sound so easy, even I might be able to make one of these.

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